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I provide biostatistics tutoring, epidemiology tutoring, statistics tutoring, SPSS tutoring. I can help you complete your homeworks and projects, 

I can help in the following topics: 


      Descriptive Statistics 

Data analysis Sample mean variance IQR range Outliers   Boxplot Expected value , variance, skewness, kurtosis, histogram, categorical variables, nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio

Random Variables 

Discrete and   Continuous random variables, probability density function, cumulative distribution function, random variables,  binomial, poisson, geometric, exponential, normal distribution  gamma distribution , expected value, variance, correlation, covariance


Conditional probability, Bayes Rule, Area under normal curve, addition law, multiplication rule, permutation, combination, sensitivity, specificity, prevalence, incidence, PV+, PV-, false positive probability, false negative probability, ROC curves 


Unbiasedness Consistency cramer rao   bound, deriving maximum likelihood, method of moment estimators unbiasedness, consistency, central limit theorem, moment generating function, 

Inferential Statistics 

One Sample and two sample t-test hypothesis testing, test on equality of means, test on equality of proportions, test on equality of variance,  F test, chi square test, confidence interval, power of test, sample size from power, sample size given margin of error,  one way anova factorial anova central limit theorem 

Non parametric tests 

Signed Rank, Rank Sum, Sign Test, Kruskal Wallis

Linear Regression

Least   squares estimation, Partial   F test Chunk Test R-squared 


Logistic Regression, logit, probit, Person time,  Odds ratio, sensitivity, specificity, ANOVA, factorial anova, relative risk, risk difference, contigency table, chi-square test, Mantel Haenszel Test, Incidence Risk Ratio, Cumulative incidence, incidence rate, Fisher's test, McNemar's Test, survival analysis, Kaplan Meier estimator, censoring

Software help

Stata, SPSS, R, Minitab, Excel, Gretl, Eviews  


Occupational Health, Infectious disease, environmental health, obstetrics, renal disease, prediatrics, cancer, genetics, dwntistrys, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, nutrition, microbiology, diabetes, endocrinology, hepatic disease, ophthalmology, sports medicine, health services administration

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Calculating the One Sample Confidence Interval, T-Test, Testing the Hypothesis on Mean, Calculating the Power of the Test, Calculating Minimum Sample Size Given Power, Normal Curve, Beta, Type 1 and Type 2 Error  BIOSTATISTICS TUTOR ORLANDO - EPIDEMIOLOGY TUTOR ORLANDO 

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