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Biostatistics, Statistics and Probability Tutoring

University statistics, Biostatistics, AP Statistics, Statistics for Business, Statistics for Engineers and Scientists,  Econometrics, STATA, SPSS, Eviews, Excel, Minitab, Statistics for CFA test, Graduate Level Statistics. 

Economics, Game Theory and Econometrics Tutoring

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Game Theory, Mathematical Economics, Engineering Economy, Labor Economics, Health Economics, Economics for CFA test, Econometrics, Economics up to Graduate level. 

Finance and Accounting Tutoring

Corporate Finance, Financial Derivatives, Stocks, Bonds, Company Valuation,  Mathematical Finance, Simulations, Spreadsheet/Excel Modelling, Finance for CFA test, Finance up to graduate level.

Expert Tutoring from College to Graduate Level

Calculus & Algebra Tutoring

Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, AP Calculus, Algebra, Linear Algebra, Matrix Operations

Mathematics Tutoring

Trigonometry, Geometry, SAT math, ACT Math, GMAT Quantitative, GRE Quantitative, LSAT logic test, etc

Operations Research Tutoring

Linear Programming, Inventory Management, Scheduling, PERT/CPM, Demand Forecasting, Quality Control, MRP, etc. 

Sample Video Lectures

Biostatistics: One-Sample Confidence Interval, Hypothesis Testing, Power, Calculating Sample Size Given Power

 Project Evaluation: Capital Budgeting, Bond, Time Value of Money, Stocks, CAPM, Dividend Discount Model, WACC, Depreciation, Net Cash Flow, NPV, IRR, Excel Spreadsheet 

Statistics: Proof that normal pdf integrates to 1, part 1

Statistics: Proof that normal pdf integrates to 1,  part 2

Microeconomics: Utility Maximization